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There are up to one hundred venues in Bury St Edmunds where you can eat and drink.

We boast establishments with a variety of cuisine from a Michelin Star restaurant

(Pea Porridge) to the smallest pub in Britain (The Nutshell).


We have attempted to list those that we are aware of to give you an overview,  location, type of cuisine and contact details. The list will be in the Lodge 'bible'. Most of these will be on-line for further information.


You will be spoilt for choice as the cuisine on offer covers all corners of the world

and caters for most tastes unless you are looking for a bush tucker trial!


The award-winning French restaurant Maison Bleu is highly commended and the Mexican restaurant (Amigos) is also renowned across the country.


Outside Bury St Edmunds there are some lovely village pubs with gardens, hotels, cafes etc,  we have listed some but there are many, many more.

Since covid many of the above establishments have added takeaway and deliveries to their service. 


If it helps when we have a Chinese meal we usually ask 'East Ocean' to deliver, an Indian meal 'Voujon', and a pizza 'Pizza Town'. Deliveries will not be aware of Quays Lodge, as its an offshoot of Quays House, so ensure they ring you when they get to the house (IP28 6RQ).


We are happy to share our local knowledge on where to eat.

The Crown and Castle is the village pub and is in walking distance (left outside the gate and then left at the T-junction). Neither Deliveroo, Just Eat or Ubereat have reached Risby yet.

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